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Frequently Answered Questions

Reading our FAQ is a quick way to get your questions answered or to get a more clear picture of who we are. We highly recommend every applicant to read through this before applying to join. The New Horizon is a unique guild which differs itself from many others, make sure our ideals and philosophies compliments your before applying.

What is The New Horizon?
The New Horizon (TNH) is a community focused Galactic Republic guild for the Massive Multiplayer Game Star Wars: The Old Republic, developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts (EA).

Why the Galactic Republic?
SW:TOR is split between two major factions The Galactic Republic which is the light side or "good guys" and The Empire which is the dark side. We chose to represent the Galactic Republic because it best fits with our core beliefs and play style in the game.

What server will you play on?
We are European based guild with a focus on PvE (Player vs. Enviorment) and with some role-playing aspects. Because of this we will be playing on a European PvE role-playing server. EU-RP-PvE.

What language do you use?
We speak and write everything in English. All non private communications between members should be in English. Proper grammar and spelling is required for you to be accepted as a member of The New Horizon.

What in-game requirements must I meet to apply?
You must be (or plan to be) a member of the Galactic Republic which is the light (good) side in SW:TOR. It also looks as though the game lets players pick between a light (good), dark (evil) and neutral path regardless of which faction or class you choose. Should this be the case then we will also require that our members go either towards the light or neutral path, so not to conflict with our guilds core beliefs.

What does it mean that you are a "community focused" guild?
As a community focused guild our main goal is to have a group of like-minded people who like playing the game together. When deciding who to recruit we look at the person rather than the character they have. We want people who takes part in our in-game chat, plays the game with us and participates on our forums. We would much rather have a low leveled member who participates than someone with a maxed out character who keeps to himself.

Is there an age requirement to join?
No. We welcome players of all ages to apply to us. We do of course require that all our members act maturely, use proper spelling and behaves in an orderly fashion. We do however not believe these traits to be dependent on a persons age. There are many teenagers able and willing to participate in a mature community and as long as a person can prove they have what it takes they are welcome to join.

How often do I need to play/use forums?
We want all our members to play with us and use our forums as much as possible, but we do not have any specific requirements on how much you play the game. As long as you are able to participate in our community you are welcome to stay. Casual players, people who work a lot or who can only play during off hours or weekends are more than welcome, as long as they are able to keep up with our forum and play with us when they can.

Since we are a close knit community we will have plenty of leeway for people to take breaks or go on vacation as long as we know they are leaving. When you join us, you join a community, even if you decide to take a break from the game you will still be allowed to participate in our forums.

What role will role-playing play?
Role-playing is an important aspect of our guild. While we do not force anyone to role-play we will require our members to follow the rules of the RP server we play on. This usually includes keeping in character while in general chat and having a name which fits the fiction.

We want role-playing where it adds to the gaming experience, but avoid it where it primarily complicates matters. Guild, Team and Raid chats are some of the places we believe role-playing isn't needed.

What about character/guild back-stories?
Our hopes is that all our members want to build interesting back-stories for their characters. This is not a requirement by any means, but we will do our best to make it easy and interesting to do.

Our guild will have a back-story written with the people that make it in mind. This means that active and influential members of our guild will have the ability to write themselves into our story and help improve it that way.

Can I join even if I don't care about role-playing?
As long as you follow the server and our rules regarding role-playing you are welcome to join us. The server will probably only require a proper name and that you stay in character in open channels, our rules wont be much more than that.

What will you do for PvP players?
Since we will be playing on a PvE server, chances are there wont be much PvP options in the game. We will however take advantage of any PvP there will be should our members be interested in it.

Why choose PvE over PvP?
Our decision to join a PvE server is first and foremost the community we've seen develop in such servers from previous games. The community is often a close and friendly one with players who can work together even if they are in different guilds. In addition to that we also prefer what PvE has to offer game wise and find it a very rewarding experience. Chances are that the game will have PvP options on the PvE servers, so we probably wont be completely without it.

What kind of leadership does The New Horizon have?
Our philosophy on leadership is this: Our leaders exist to serve the guild and community, not the other way around. Leaders and officers exists primarily to handle any needs our members have and we will do our best to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

Leaders will always consider the wishes of our members and decisions made will be based on the best interest of the guild. We do not want to create a politics simulator however, and because of that we will not hold elections or require potential officers to run for office. The two leaders will decide together on who is made an officer and how many are needed.

Can I become an officer?
Any member may become an officer in The New Horizon. If you think you have something to contribute you are more than welcome to bring it up with a leader. Before applying for an officer position however you should always consider if there is a need for what you have to offer, make sure you play enough to do your duties and that you know us well enough to be trusted with such an important position.

You do not have to be an officer to help out though. We always want members to help out with things such as forum moderation, keeping our website up-to-date, following up on recruits and many other tasks. Offering to help out with something is a great way to show what you are capable of and is a big step towards being a full fledged officer one day.

Can I ask you a less frequently answered question?
Of course! If you feel any questions have been left unanswered, please contact us through the forums.

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