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The New Horizon is a Galactic Republic based guild for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). SW:TOR is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game for the PC developed by Bioware which is yet to receive a release date. The majority of our player base will be located in Europe and all communications will be done in English.

The New Horizon is a guild with focus on a mature community with players of similar ideas and values in the game. Our main goal is to build a place where players interested in the community aspects of an MMO can get the best possible experience.

This guild first saw the light of day in 2004 and has since then reinvented itself for many different games. While a lot has changed since The New Horizion was originally founded, the core beliefs and principals behind it has stayed the same. We have been and always will be a place which values community and friendship more than anything. When we decide who to recruit our focus is not the in-game character's strength and levels, but rather the player behind it.

Even though The New Horizon has been present on many games in the past we are exclusively a SW:TOR guild today. Some members of our guild may play other games, but TNH does not have any divisions dedicated to games other than SW:TOR. This is a fresh start for us and the only two people still present from previous iterations of the guild is one of the founders, Zorath Kadram and a previous leader called Aren.

Even though our primary goal is to create a guild for SW:TOR, no one knows what the future holds. If it turns out The New Horizon is best served in going other directions in the future then we may do just that. By joining The New Horizon you join more than just a guild, you join a community and even if you stop playing the game we hope that you'll want to stay with us regardless.

The most important factor for any potential applicant to consider before applying to join The New Horizon is what we expect from you. In short we expect members who wants to participate in our community. This includes both taking part in our forums and our in-game chat as well as play cooperatively with us. As a community driven guild we have no desire to recruit players who are not interested in participating with our community, regardless of their power, wealth or levels in the game.

Our approach to activity and play time is a relaxed one. We are open to players who only play casually or during weekends as long as the player is willing to participate in the guild when he or she can. Players with aspirations of becoming an officer however will have to play fairly often.

(This is an unfinished article and will be updated at a later time.)

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